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How to order translation?

- This can be done in two ways.
  1. Send the copy of your text to the e-mail of our agency:
    Don't forget to indicate the contact information (e-mail or phone number).

  2. Fill in the form in section "Order online" and press the "Send" button. It's not necessary to fill in all the fields. You may choose only the fields containing the * symbol.

How to find out the cost of translation?

- Enter the section "Prices". Send the material requiring translation to our e-mail if you wish to know a more exact price. If it is impossible at the moment, so describe the subject of the text in details, state the desirable term for getting your order, and the language pair (for example, Rus-Eng). We will provide you with the price immediately.

I would like to make an order. Is it necessary to edit the text before ordering its translation?

-  Preliminary edition is desirable. It is for your advantage only, because the quality of translation depends on the quality of the original provided to us.

When can I get my order? How long will it take to make the translation?

- Please, give us the detailed information about the original and we'll inform you about the exact date of providing you the translation. The translation speed depends on the complexity of the text. The average speed is 8 pages per day, but it can be slower while translating complicated technical text. If you wish to translate a great volume in the shortest time, then we will allot the material between several translators. In this case unity of terminology is kept, as all our translators work in contact with each other and use the single terminological base.

I need an interpreter for a meeting with my foreign business colleagues. Is such service available through your agency?

-  Certainly. Contact us to get more detailed information. There are different specialists in our staff. We will choose one according to your requirements.
I am engaged in voluminous correspondence and have need for your services. Can the confidentiality be guaranteed?

- We appoint a regular translator for patrons. Your information is private and confidential. Strict guidelines are followed by each of our employees.

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