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We provide services of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Usually, the interpreter escort is required for a group of alien (foreign) visitors or one person, formal parties, giving a tour, seminar, presentation, training etc. So, what is the difference between the consecutive and simultaneous interpreting? During the consecutive interpreting, the interpreter appears as an intermediary between the interlocutors. Each speaker stops after 2-3 sentences, and allows the interpreter to translate his speech into another language. This type of translation services is appropriate in the most cases.

During the simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter and the presenter talk at one time, this gives a possibility of affecting arrangements in two and more languages without loss of time. This type of interpreting requires more concentration of the interpreter that is why the presence of at least two interpreters is desirable. In this case, they can change places at intervals. The simultaneous interpreting is used for meetings, conferences, television and radio broadcasting, and business meetings.

The translator recruitment is carried out depending on the subject of every specific case.

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