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It is a common mistake that literary translation is one of the simplest tasks for translators. In fact, this is far from being the case. Many novice translators prefer to deal with literary translation, because in order to do that they don't have to be experts in any area of science and technology. As a matter of fact, to make the literary translation what we all used to, the translator must be a real master of a literary style, as the expert easily operating highly specialized terms in his branch of knowledge. An unskilled translator is able to convey the meaning of the text, at its best. But the main task of the literary translation is in keeping all the colors, structure and the author's individuality incidental to the original.

On the ground of everything said above, in our translation agency the literary translation is performed by people, wedded to the word, and proficient in English and Russian literature.

The basic kinds of literary translation:
  • Journalism (news, materials of printed and electronic Media, radio and TV programs);
  • Journalism (news, materials of printed and electronic Media, radio and TV programs);
  • works of literature;
  • public speeches;
  • letters;
  • scenarios

As a separate kind of the literary translation, we qualify the translation of poetry - this service is rather expensive and the cost is customized for every separate order.

You can look through the resume and other information about the translators of literature in the Clients section, after registering in our translation agency.

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