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Technical translation

      We provide technical translations of different documentation in various spheres of technology. Mostly we deal with jurisprudence (contracts, constituent instruments etc.), computer technology, economy, industrial equipment and treatises.
      Our employees have the favorite sphere, a pet subject so to say. In such a way, they achieve the accuracy of translation loosing no time to search for unknown terms in dictionaries. We commit the technical translations only to those translators, who are the specialists in their favorite subject.
      We use the "translation memory" technology working at large projects. This technology allows the coordination of work and terminology between the translators working with different parts of the project. In addition to that, the saving on costs is significant, as we do not except money for the sentences that have already been translated in the project.

Medical translation

      Medical subject is a peculiar kind of technical translation, which is provided by our agency as the separate service. Translation of medical texts frequently is of advanced complexity and demands special emphasis - this is why we pay so much attention to these orders. In addition, work at the medical subject makes the translator responsible for human life and health.
      That is why we trust translation of medical texts only to translators with a Medical Education after passing tests, and through a strict selection process. We also use the options of such particular experts as ENT specialist, Cardiologist, Cancer Surgeon and other specialists of medicine.

Translation, Localization of Software and Websites

      If your web-site is composed in Russian or you just plan to design it, we shall work in cooperation with you. We can provide the essential support in translation of static and dynamic data, edition of already translated texts, and assistance of our web designer.

Literary translation

      It is a wide-spread point of view that literary translation sets the easiest tasks for translators. In fact, it is not true. The translators mostly prefer to work with literary translation, but it is frequently not just the matter of understanding and correcting translation. The main point is that the final product loses all the author's colors, structures, individuality of the original text.
      Hence, the literary translation is rendered by people dedicated to their work, real experts of English and Russian literature. As for translation of the poetry - this kind of services is an expensive one and assesses separately.

Translation of video and audio materials

      Our agency provides services on translation of video and audio recordings from Russian to English language and vice versa. When completed, the translation is transferred to the customer in text or multimedia format of the proper type.

Private correspondence translation

      According to our reckoning confidentiality and efficiency are among the most important requirements of the private correspondence translation and we keep this rule rigorously. Each of our clients can be completely sure that the details of his private life or business correspondence will be inaccessible for outsiders and that the completed translation will be ready within few hours or even minutes!
      We can provide the patrons with the private interpreter, as we want to be completely sure that the client and translator understand each other perfectly.

Proofreading translations by a native speaker

      This service is essential for those who plan to submit the translated material for consideration of Russian-speaking audience. Only the native speaker can edit the translated material taking into account the mentality of his nationals. The infelicities of style or insufficient "elegance" of text, in their turn, can affect the reputation of the company adversely.

Notarial certification of the translations

      Are you going abroad? You will need the translation and notarial certification of the personal documents for visa procurement. Address to our specialists and we solve your problems in the shortest possible time.

Search for information on Russian websites with
the subsequent translation

      The world computer network contains unlimited amount of information. The web sites composed in English internet occupy insignificant part of internet. That is why such services become more and more wide-spread. Our specialists have vast experience of work in the internet and they quest for information on the fly. Then the information found is translated into English and delivered to the customer.

Web design

      New web pages appear at high speed, but there are not so many resources of high quality. Let's view the compound parts of success more precisely. The design is the very important part and we use the recent software products. However, what makes us stand out against the background of numerous design studios? The translators and editors are the linguists of highest standards gathered in one place. We can fill your site with high-level contents that allows your resource to fall within the recognized leaders of network.

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