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English-Russian Translation Prices


The prices are indicated per word. The price calculation can vary either way depending on complexity and urgency. Write to our e-mail addres: and you shall get the immediate answer to any question you have. Free online translation up to 500 symbols.


      Our prices:

Prices for translation from English to Russian or vice versa
 Text of average complexity:$0,05/word
 Technical translation:$0,07/word
 Medical translation:$0,08/word
 Law, Economics:$0,06/word
 IT, Telecommunications:$0,05/word
 Personal correspondence:$0,04/word
 Video translation and voice over:$20/minute
 Video translation into text:$10/minute
 Russian voice over:$12/minute

     The size of the minimum order is one page, the given prices are approximate. The regular customers are provided with discounts.

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