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Jose Angel Sotres Diaz. Scammer

The freelancer from Mexico, introduces himself as a translator and proof-reader of English and Spanish languages. Can perform the test task, charges a good price.

We agreed to work with him on a prepaid basis, because the test work was done perfectly well. It helped us to win a contract on proof-reading the text in English, which was previously translated from Russian into English by a non-native speaker.

In general, the amount of order was $500. After receiving the $200prepayment (he asked $300), we received the proof-read text. This way he won our trust, and we paid the rest $300, and he disappeared after that. He stopped answering our letters, and our phone calls to him which he had 2 numbers.

Other data about Jose Sotres:
Jose A. Sotres, M.D.

PayPal Account

Bank account information

Name of Bank: Banamex
Country: Mexico
Sucursal (Branch number): 0242
Full name of account holder: Jose Angel Sotres Diaz (**NOTE: YOU MUST INCLUDE MY FULL NAME, NOT JUST JOSE SOTRES)** =0 A
Account Number: 6987115
Clabe: 002180024269871152

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